Blog Post #8

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Blog Post

Well the semester is wrapping up, and its been crazy at this school. There is a lot of homework due this next week and its pretty stressful. I think I can pull it off though and pass every class with decent grades.

Next week in Mass Media Issues we are giving our project on censorship in the media. I am presenting the cons of the the media being censored, which I have a plan to show the video of the South Park episode being censored because of them showing Muhammad, and how it lets extremists intimitade our nation of free speech.

Regarding war, censorship hides the truth concerning the severity of war, thus creating a bias for war. David Swanson, a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer states, “The poverty of images has removed death from war…, thus reflecting untrue messages about war. It is deceptive.”

Blog Post #7

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Blog Post

It is the week before thanksgiving, so everything has been kind of hectic. With getting ready to finish up homework before leaving for next week.

We watched a movie in class about the history of public relations and advertising. It showed the aspects of how people began the notion of advertising to people, or just how to reach the people. The point that I got from this is that it all started with how governments deal and ultimately influence the large masses of people. From the extreme point that people can be controlled to deal to do the bidding of the government, such as World War II and Hitler. Then the U.S. tried to control people under the idea that eventually, people can be trusted to do the right thing on their own. The U.S. also transistioned into a nation of needs to a nation of wants. With the help of advertising and different techniques to influence people, they could influence people to buy and go do things that helped out the progress of the country. Sure, it has and did have some flaws, but nothing is perfect in our world.

One of the things people were working towards were making the masses more docile and mild mannered. They did this by giving people what they wanted. This has a huge effect in our society today. In my opinion, people are more content with their lives than at any point in history. There is still flaws, but if everyone has a chance to get what they want, then there is less chance that people will be descructive towards themselves and society.

So I decided to do some research on Philo Farnsworth, and it was pretty interesting. Philo Farnsworth was the inventor of the television, originally named the image dissector. The first television image, in 1927, consisted of 60 horizontal lines and was the image of a dollar bill. media has never been the same since. What else that was interesting was that he went on to create 165 other devices including the amplifier.

Well I have survived my first midterms here at BHSU. Some tests went better than others, but overall I think I am getting the hang of this school. My spanish midterm was probably the easiest out the others but I really had to study for the other ones. I think I am getting a handle on what the teachers are expecting and what to study for on the test.

It is interesting to note that Benjamin Franklin was a accomplished journalist, given that this was at the time of the Colonial Period of Journalism. This was at a time when journalism was starting to slowly take off. He was also a publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin prided himself on covering both sides of the issues and started an acceptable model for what we use today in journalism.

We had our first real test In Mass Media Issues the other day. It actually wasnt that bad, but it was interesting taking an online test while in class. Every Class seems to be moving to just doing the test online. Maybe one day in the future no one will every have to write on a test again, or for that matter write anything down by hand.